...spreading Joy into Lives
  ...spreading Joy into Lives

JoyCart - The Story

As an Indian citizen in America working in a super paced IT consulting business, it is so easy sometimes to be blinded to the world outside of mine and to my own roots. Not until recently, I started looking outside of my world. The more I stepped out of my comfortable lifestyle in America into lives of underprivileged in India the more I stumbled across the beauty of unique cultures and the vast scale of diversity in India and also the pace at which it is modernized and civilized. On the other hand, I have also stumbled across India as a nation of poor souls being lost every day without ever experiencing love, freedom, mercy, and justice in their communities and market,


After my past contracts, I moved to Minneapolis to work and study theology. Once at the theological institution, I soon realized that God had a deeper plan for my life. The more I sought God, the more I discovered my calling to use marketplace strategies, best practices, and corporate experiences to serve the Churchs and communities in poor neighborhoods by using Business as Mission for transformation. 


As I began to think about how this desire would take shape, a Pastor in a small town in Rajasthan, India shared his story which impacted my ministry greatly - "Pastor Yohannan received a call from a certain Middle Aged man who was going through severe financial struggles and in a lot of debt. He made up his mind to die by drinking poison chemicals because he got tired of running away from his lenders.  He called the pastor, to request the pastor to take care of his 2 young boys before he killed himself.  The pastor asked the man how he could leave his 2 boys without at least considering whose house they would be walking into and not knowing about their future care-takers. The pastor then invited the man to visit him to spend some time with him before he committed suicide. When the man visited, Pastor Yohannan and a few others got together, had compassion on him and prayed for this man. Then Pastor Yohannan and his friends felt a strong urge to help him by buying him a Cart so he could start a food service business and clear his debts.  They collectively raised funds, then bought a cart and enough raw material so he could make Breakfast in the morning, sell chai and snacks in the evening. This man, his wife and the 2 boys are now loving God and joyfully serving their customers with their growing food cart business."


This story stirred up my heart and ignited a passion for serving people who have lost hope and those who are struggling financially. That evening, I dedicated my life to reaching the poor with the gospel-centered business incubation. A desire that turned into a mission to use a similar business model in which churches and marketplace platforms can integrate to reach not only one family but to enable poor slums and neighborhoods to earn their bread as they drink from the fountain of living water, God. And from this story birthed JoyCarts Business Solutions Inc.

 - Jonathan Kurapati,

JoyCarts Business Solutions.Inc.

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