...spreading Joy into Lives
  ...spreading Joy into Lives

What is JoyCart?

JoyCart is "a simple and inexpensive pushcart" on which merchandise or food can be easily transported and stalled. A JoyCarter sells inexpensive items like handicrafts, household goods, clothing, or food items on the JoyCart. JoyCarters normally advertise vocally to attract attention and enhance sales.


JoyCart is a modest yet powerful ministry tool to:

  1. Encourage the local church to serve by showing God's love to the financially poor, spiritually lost, and see their happiness.
  2. Provide a  sustainable source of income to poor families.
  3. Be lighthouses of the Gospel while serving at key locations in City Centers, Towns, and Villages.


How can we do this?

  1. JoyCart Developers Produce efficient and intelligently designed pushcarts keeping production costs low.
  2. JoyCart trainers Provide counseling and training for the underprivileged to become entrepreneurs.
  3. JoyCart sellers will be in key locations at City Centers, Towns, and Villages earning income and our prayer is that they are a testimony to customers around the city.
  4. We want all JoyCarters to have a code of conduct of doing business. JoyCarters are filled with the love of Jesus Christ, eager to Serve in the Joy of the Spirit.
  5. Churches can support JoyCarts by financially providing for specific JoyCart.
  6. Churches can support specific cart owners to help them grown spiritually in discipleship by fellowship.

Want to be involved?

Contact us to discuss the opportunities.

Email: reachus@joycarts.org

Phone: 6023002796


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