Spread our Passion and Joy* into marketplaces by means of developing and deploying sustainable support systems for those in need through church communities and discipleship housing.

Our goal is to provide relief and sustainability services by offering sober housing, workforce consulting, and developing small business solutions as programs in impoverished communities to improve the economic and social conditions of struggling families.


Passion for God:

God is a Creator & Sustainer and understanding his divine attributes ignites a passion for God. We believe that a passion for God comes out of the man's understanding in the Divine Purpose of his creation, God's glory. All of the creation is created for his Glory.


The joy of living:

The true joy of living lies when we as creation are in harmony with our Creator through the salvation and grace that is freely offered to us through Christ Jesus. Out of this True Joy bursts, the fountain of our love for people and we rejoice in Serving others.

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